Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hidden Driveways

I’m driving... minding my own business and jamming to whatever is playing off my iPhone.. .when one of these “Hidden Driveway” signs slowly creeps up from the distance. My thoughts are as follows:

“Hidden Driveway, huh? Well I have rarely ever not seen a road... So it can’t really be hidden... Or maybe that’s the point! Someone is pulling a Station nine and three-quarters on me, and out of no where (maybe from trees) a car just magics itself into existence. But if it’s hidden why would people post signs about their hiddenness? If I’m trying to be secretive, I’m not going to tell anyone... >_<“

These signs remain a mystery to me, and I may never know the truth. I suppose I could ask the people who make roads and put up the signs, but odds are they are either going to lie to me, or they have no idea themselves.

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